Located in Dawson Springs KY. Established in early 2019, We breed quality pedigree AKC German shepherds. We breed for intelligence, companionship, protection and service dog. Also we are in process of having are long coats in SV shows and getting titled.We purchased are dogs from top quality breeders all around. We have Black and Red long coats, Black and Tan standard coat, solid long black coat, Black and Tan standard, and Black and Tan plush coat. You can find Information about are dogs on my dogs tab. Are kennel is out door  and indoor whelping and we raise are pups inside from the whelping room.  Are kennels are kept two feet off the ground. All wooded treated Platforms with their kennels and dogs houses and we hand designed each platform. We use covering material for are kennel system during winter to insure are dogs are safe from the cold. We will upgrade as we go. So we aren’t done just yet. We have a total of 9 dogs in are kennel and will import in the near future. We are very involved in are dogs they are a big part of my family. We casual breed no more then two litters at a time. Most are still to young to breed. We health test are dogs. They go to vet regular and is on flea and tick and heart guard. Yearly check ups as well on shots and rabies booster. We will have a tab listed for veterinarian reference. If any questions of the care of my dogs they be happy to answer any you might have. We do test are dogs. DM,DNA,OFA,

Some of are dogs will be going to training to train for titles and compete in AKC shows and compete for their titles. For are visitors we do require to keep all dogs In their kennel at all times for safety for others. We have selected dogs that are great around strangers and we have others that are train to protect are yard and home and us, but we insure your safety first. Are dogs are very loyal to us. We raised all dogs in are kennel and they take turn socializing and love car rides and water. We want you to have a great experience coming to are home and will provide you with a peace of mind. We want to provide a good quality pup for you and your family and we want to stay in touch through your journey as your pup grows. We offer a 5 year health and genetic warranty. Are contract tab explains everything on warranty.

We do offer active %20 military, police, federal government employees, first responders, %10 senior citizens discounts. Also we offer special discounts for special needs, for clients needing a service dog. With proper documentation from your doctor we will give you amazing discount that no one else can beat. On selected breeding. Message for details.

Each sale made goes towards good things. We are a big part of donating to animal shelters and want to help with adoption fees at local shelters. Out each litter we will donate 500.00 in food to local shelters and 300 up to wave adoption fees. I as the owner I also volunteer for Christmas secret Santa at are local Salvation Army angel tree. We love to give back as much as we can.

We offer hand delivering to the following states KY, IN, TN, AL, GA, OH for the rate of .50 cent a mile. Also have someone that can deliver at a rate message for details as we go we will fly your dog as well. If you chose to meet half way we will also charge for mileage. Or you can come pick up your puppy and visit are kennel.

Thank you for visiting Watson’s German Shepherds. We hope we hear from you soon. Contact information is located in the contact tab.