Here are the current DM testing on are dogs.  All B carrier but not effected will be breed with a Clear. Note to breeders that plan to breed your puppy in the future, You DM test your puppy at 10 weeks or older and get a bad DM rating of a C affected high risk will make sure that we give you a replacement puppy. We will consult are Vet the results and further testing between both parents will be done. We can also order the DM test kits for you as well. On the purchase of your new puppy we will give you the chance to purchase those. We buy are testing kits from Gen Sol and they are great. 

Note as are pups get older to the age will be doing OFA ratings and DNA testing. That tab above will be coming shortly. 

Note  All are dogs are on monthly flea and tick and heart guard  interceptor plus we keep records and we do yearly check ups on that as well. We have hands on records in each of their record books. Ask on request will be happy to share that documentation with you. 

Note DM testing isn't noted in my contract. It is here in this tab, as long there documentation from your test results then your warranty granted, with no records warranty is consider void. Only warranty on C rating please contact us. 

Thank You