Watson’s German Shepherds
New Puppy Guarantee & Contract

Thank you for choosing Watson’s German Shepherds. We hope that you enjoy your new addition to your family for many years to come, with good care and attention. Here at Watson’s German Shepherds would like you to be aware and peace of mind what we offer, knowing we will be here to help in the case of any possible problems that might arise. Here are the details of both our guarantee to you and your commitment to caring for your new puppy. I have made the details clear and simple as possible, while still addressing all the points below with my guarantee of your new puppy.
 We guarantee that your new puppy is in a good state of health to 100% when he or she leaves to their new forever home. It will have already had standard shots and vaccinations and dewormed treatment appropriate for it’s age by my veterinarian. The day before your new puppy leaves to go to its forever home, I will take he or she to my veterinarian to get a bill of health, that way I ensure you 100% that your puppy is leaving in good health. A full exam and even a fecal check to ensure there are no parasites or coccidia is present. Note coccidia in dogs is a parasite which can be commonly found in puppies. Coccidia can become a problem during stressful periods such as transport, relocation, and entrance to a new environment, and can be cause from the mother’s milk and separation from the mother as well. Coccidia can also be transmitted through feces. Some of the first signs of this problem is a bloody or loose stool, or diarrhea, lethargy, and not eating or drinking. If you notice those symptoms, take your puppy to your regular veterinarian for evaluation and treatment immediately. Coccidia is easily treated with proper detection. I will offer in my contract a 48-hour warranty if you wish to take the puppy to be seen by your veterinarian and in this contract after taking your puppy home for any reason your puppy become ill, I encourage you to contact us immediately and take proper care and get the puppy seen by a veterinarian. Although as I stated above the puppy will be health cleared before going home and we understand things happen overnight sometimes, we will immediately solve the needs for the puppy. I also want to note from experience at a time you test a dog for coccidia sometimes it can be negative when it really has it and it’s caused by the cyst of the parasite wasn’t shedding at the time of the check. I will cover the cost of the vet visit and the medicine needed. We will need documentation from the veterinarian visit and the total cost that you paid so we can make arrangements for reimbursement. Note if you choose not to take your puppy to the vet to be treated for this the contract is voided.

 Be aware of your puppy’s surroundings. Always keep harmful things out of reach, example cords, plastic, any cleaners etc. I will have a sheet that contains a list of items to keep your puppy away from. We do not cover this you are responsible for what your puppy gets into we do not cover that in are contract.
 I also offer a 2-week warranty on your new puppy. If anything occurs that your dog becomes ill and dies for unknown causes and as long as stated above the puppy hasn’t got into anything that will harm, he or she. We will cover unknown death and covers parvo. We have not had any issues with parvo in are kennel. I will accept only to give you another puppy if I had any left from the litter or let you have first pick out of another litter of that price rage. Again, we will request documentation stating that the puppy was seen and state of cause of death. Without proper care this contract is voided.

 We understand things happen and we want to make sure that we stand 100% behind are contract from experience I learned a lot. Here it’s not about making a dollar, we want to offer a good show line and working dog even if its just for protection or a family pet, or a service dog, we want to ensure you that the above points we will be there to help if anything occurs. To ensure you that way you understand in order for any point above of this guarantee to be valid you must provide appropriate continued care (including medical and health care, exercise, proper diet and nutrition) for your puppy for the duration of its life. Failure to provide appropriate care while under warranty stated above and below will nullify and make this guarantee voided.

 Your puppy is guaranteed against major genetic health defects for 5 years of its life. We have selectively bred your puppy from excellent lines, but it is impossible to entirely ensure that no puppy will ever have any health problems. If you find a major genetic health problem in your puppy within the first 5 years of its life, we require you to provide veterinarian care until the final determination is determined with, he or she. We will work with you to replace your puppy or dog up to age 3 with a new puppy equal value of your puppy of comparable breeding. Only if your dog becomes fatal. Any non- genetic issue I am not responsible. Note lack of care will make this guarantee voided. Note if you purchase a male puppy and it has carried a genetic issue and your puppy doesn’t drop its testicles or testicle, please note for larger breeds sometimes it does take six months at times. I recommend when you get your puppy second set of shots the veterinarian should check your puppy, or you can ask them to check then if there a problem address me as soon as possible. I recommend after that to do a recheck at six months old. Please have your veterinarian document your visits as well. I will require all documentation. If it occurs at the six-month mark and your veterinarian classifieds it as a genetic issue. I will not ask for the dog back unless you want to return the dog and I will give you a new puppy covered under the same warranty and I will have him fixed and rehome him to a pet home only. Or if you choose to keep him and don’t plan on using him for breeding purposes I will offer to pay for the surgery and medication for your dog. We will try to make things right as possible.

 We also offer a 5-year guarantee regarding your puppy’s hips and elbows. German shepherds do have a slightly higher tendency towards hip-related problems than some other breeds. The OFA is the recognized authority in evaluating a dog matures, the OFA cannot provide an official hip rating for your dog until he or she is 2 years of age. If you choose to have your dog hip officially tested by the OFA at 2-years of age, and the dog fails the hip and elbows test, you will have the option of returning your dog and receiving a new puppy equal to value. If you choose to keep your dog, then the offer is voided. I will request all proof from OFA or a Veterinarian stating it failed. I ask for official documentation results from OFA for verification purposes and any input your veterinarian might have.

Note: If you breed your dog prior to reaching 2-years of age, the hip and elbow guarantee will be considered null and voided.

 Hopefully none of these points of the guarantee will ever be necessary, and the biggest factor in avoiding problems is providing excellent care and attention to your new addition. When this happens, problems are much rarer. When problems do arise, we will fulfill to be as helpful, reasonable, and easy to work with as possible. If you have taken proper care of your dog and still encounter a problem, you can rest assured that we will do what is right to address that problem.

 We want you to enjoy your new puppy for many years to come. Please stay in contact with us and send us updates and photos as your puppy makes progress. We will also call and check on the puppy and see how things are going and any other questions you might have. We thank you for your business.

 Note: For any reason we understand things happen, if you can not keep your dog due to moving, etc. Please contact us so we can help you rehome the dog. I do not want any of my dogs put into any shelters or streets. Let us know what we can do, and we can also buy back %50 of what you paid for it. Only if you can’t keep the dog, moving, family issues etc.

Knowledge by the buyer you have read and understand the terms and conditions of this warranty and contract

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