Imported from Serbia Erax Vom Haus Boywonis

We purchased Erax from Myranda Godwin located in Headland AL partnerwith Milo Stevanovic located in Jagodina Serbia. He was born May 5, 2020. His father Willas vom Aurelisbrandt is a VAx4 (Aus, SER) IPO2 and KKL passed. His mother Jenny Da La Madonina is SG1, BH, IPO1, and KKL passed. 

Erax has a sweet temperament and is very out going pup. We have already started basic training. He will be trained for SV, IPO and SG. He does have the drive and will. We are excited to watch him grow and can't wait to see what his future holds. We have selected a few dogs to train of are own and title.

Father: VA4 Willas Vom Aurelisbrandt 

Mother:SG1,BH,IPO1,KKL passed: Jenny Da La Madonina